Frequently Asked Questions

Mitochondria are organelles in the cells that produce energy to power the cell. In other words, they produce energy (ATP) which is the energy currency of the cell needed for all bodily functions. They also have their own DNA, which makes them highly dynamic. Otherwise known as the “power plants” of the body, their proper function is critical for overall health and longevity.

MITOSWAB™ is a non-invasive test that quantitatively and qualitatively analyzes the Electron Transport Chain (ETC) of the mitochondria to evaluate mitochondrial dysfunction. It reports on the function of Complex I, Complex IV, which are critical components of the Electron Transport Chain of the mitochondria. Citrate synthase is also measured and it quantifies the number of mitochondria in the sample. Information about mitochondrial function is important and can assist in developing therapeutic strategies for mitochondrial health.

MITOSWAB™ is a helpful tool used in the diagnosis of mitochondrial dysfunction. It is also a valuable tool that can be used to monitor therapy. MITOSWAB™ has a correlation of 84% to the muscle biopsy, considered the gold standard for the diagnosis of mitochondrial dysfunction. The muscle biopsy, however, is invasive. MITOSWAB™ provides an excellent alternative as a potential first line test for mitochondrial dysfunction.

A buccal swab is a simple swab of the inside of the cheek. MITOSWAB™ requires 2 swabs of both the right and left check. It is a simple procedure that is quick and easy to perform. It can be done at home and at your convenience.

The MITOSWAB™ kit contains a return envelope to send in your sample. The address for MITOSWAB™ is:

5110 Campus Drive, Suite #120
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462

Please see the instructions included in the MITOSWAB™ kit. Also, you may find the sample collection information on our website at: Sample Collection Form

No, you do not need to fast prior to collecting a sample.

Yes, it is preferred to rinse your mouth with water prior to a sample collection. Please don’t use mouthwash or any type of alcohol to rinse.

Some medications/supplements may affect the mitochondrial function. Please consult your health care practitioner for guidance. It is advised to document the list of the medications before collecting the sample.

Please send us a note at and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible to address logistics.